Everything is put on the table up front with a clear agreement and desired timeline. A creative brief will be provided for you to fill out, defining your history, mission, vision, and goals. I will contact you so we can collaborate on the best creative direction to pursue (e.g. a symbol, wordmark, or monogram) and get a better sense of what you're thinking and needing. A 50% down payment is required to kickstart this work after signing the agreement.


The creative brief is important because it puts us in the position to make more objective decisions for the design and business; leaving things less prone to getting thrown out the window because of vast arrays of subjective opinions.


Design concepts based on the agreed upon creative direction will be researched and explored through review of your goals, assessment of your competition, and development of sketches as possible solutions. The best design concepts will be presented as a PDF for your review. Rationale and guidance from me will be shared based on my experience and expertise. The brief will again be referenced to help guide decisions.


If needed, revisions may be requested from you to the selected design concept, and we would discuss if it’s beneficial to explore to achieve satisfaction. (Don't worry, we'll work to achieve satisfaction, and sometimes it takes some back and forth to drill down to the right solution.) Updated designs would again be presented until there is approval. The remaining 50% balance is paid and final design files are supplied to you.

Process Summary

1.   Sign agreement, 50% paid

2.   Complete creative brief

3.   Discuss any questions

4.   Collaborate on creative direction

5.   Research and design

6.   Design presentation (emailed as a PDF)

7.   Revisions (as needed)

8.   Final approval

9.   Remaining 50% paid

10. Design files supplied