As the client, what role do I play?

A crucial one. You are the person who represents your organization and has the first-hand experience with your customers and audience. These are the insights I need to draw from to develop an effective logo and visual identity solution. You have a mission, a vision, goals in mind, and strategic business plans in place. I will work to complement these with a new level of attractive and relevant visuals for your brand image. Additionally, your communication and responsiveness to questions and designs presented will help move the process along efficiently. It is necessary that you are able to take time to discuss things at important steps in the process to make sure we’re aligned and meeting our deadlines.


Why do you only present a limited number of concepts?

(Don't worry, we'll work to achieve satisfaction, and sometimes it takes some back and forth to drill down to the right solution.) It’s important to remember why you sought after an experienced designer to be trusted with the task of providing an effective visual solution to your organizations needs. First, we will collaborate together to decide upon the right creative direction. I will then develop multiple sketches and ideas around this direction. After which, I will present only the best solutions I have found through this development phase. You will be able to respond and provide feedback. When given too many options and revisions, the quality of those options can begin to break down. Design can become very subjective very quickly when presented with too many choices. It is ideal to make it more objective, which is accomplished by knowing how to solve the visual needs at hand through strategic thinking and skillful design execution—which is how I evaluate the effectiveness of all designs I present. That is why you hired me, and I will not present anything that does not meet this criteria.


Why should I work with you?

Probably what has happened is you've looked through my identity work and were intrigued by what you saw. You have made it a point to find out more. You may have received a referral or read through satisfied client testimonials. Maybe you just found me online. Regardless, you can be confident that I will only provide my best with a logo you can be proud of.


Do I have to worry about extra costs?

Logo and identity design really is an investment that is supposed to last and be a consistent tool for the visual recognition and development of your organization. The only time extra costs might need to be discussed is if there is an excessive amount of completely new concepts requested beyond those provided based on the agreed upon direction, or there has been unreasonable cause for delay in completing the project. A standard practice for independent designers is a 50% down payment to kickstart the work and the remaining 50% balance when complete, prior to sending the final design files.


What if I've seen a cheaper price for "similar" services?

Consider that you often really do get what you pay for. Cheaper may result in a cookie-cutter template with a lack of design ingenuity. I am an accomplished designer with many satisfied clients where I've helped them capture their creative potential. Case in point is the logo work done for the CEO of Potty Mouth Soap, LLC. They originally hired a cheaper, online logo service, but grew disappointed and frustrated as the project rolled on. See their testimonial regarding what I helped them accomplish.

What is a typical timeline for completion?

Depending on whether you've chosen just a logo or a complete identity system, it can take approximately a couple weeks to a couple months (quicker if needed). Efficiency in timing also relies largely on your ability to respond quickly and interact as needed. I'll be mindful of your deadlines as well.


What about getting my print items printed?

Print-ready PDF files will be provided for you to send to your local or preferred vendor. I will provide tips on getting the best results and generally what options are available that you should ask about. You can contact me with any questions during the process of working with a printer.


How are costs handled for things like special fonts or stock photography?

Typically, these items are not needed for logo work, as the resources I have are usually sufficient to accomplish the design needs. In the case that these items are needed to benefit the project, payment will be made by you directly to the appropriate vendor. On good faith, fonts and stock images will not be used for any other client work. You will own the rights to the font license or stock images, but will need to send me a copy to use for your projects. I will tell you the cost of those suggested items before anything is purchased.


What if I want to officially register for a trademark on the logo you created?

You can do this. My practice is to always create as unique a logo mark as possible for clarity and distinction, and not cause confusion in the marketplace. I will perform a basic search of existing trademarks on all my designs before releasing the chosen design files as final to you, but it is ultimately up to you after receiving the final files—and the agreement is concluded—to work with a trademark attorney or lawyer to conduct a more thorough, and conclusive search before you secure registered trademark rights if you desire to do so. If for any unfortunate reason the logo design does amount to any sort of infringement, then a redesign can be requested for half the original cost. Again, the trademark search (and it's unlikely potential to be found unusable) is conducted by you, and it's process and results belong solely to you—as official trademark attorney services are not my forté. Also, please be sure your business name is free from infringement before we begin work.


What about ownership of work and files?

The final files for the selected and executed design work that you pay for become your property when complete, and the final payment is remitted and all elements of the agreement are fulfilled and concluded. Logo and other design concepts that are not selected nor executed as final can be kept by you for your records, but cannot be executed into use by someone else (besides, it would cause confusion). I will retain the right to keep original files and copies of the work to use for promotional purposes of my design business (e.g. showing the design on my website or a printed piece as part of my completed work and experience), but never will it be "recycled," reused, or altered for other client work.


I don't really understand the different file formats. What do I receive from you at the end of the project?

Upon completion, industry standard file formats will be provided. These include vector-based .EPS files (used for printing and scaling), bitmap-based .PNG files (used for digital and on-screen use, also for placing in Word documents and PowerPoint slides), and print-ready PDF files for print pieces. The logo files will include both full color and 1-color versions.